Our Plant
Our plant is set up about 17000 square foot area in a pollution free environment. It has water waste management system inbuild within the plant to minimize waste water by 70% and also minimizes the use of electricity by 40%. our plant is handled by qualified & experienced professional.
Jal Sutra goes through an eleven step state-of-the-art fully automated purification process to provide its consumers pure drinking water with perfect taste. Each stage adds to the purity of our packaged drinking water.
Below are the purification stages:
  • Sedimentation, arsenic & iron removal.
  • Pre ozonation to stop all microbiological growth.
  • Sand filtration to remove suspended particles from water.
  • Activated Carbon filter to remove bad taste, odour & unwanted color.
  • Pre UV treatment to prevent bacterial growth.
  • Micro filter to trap fine particles upto 2 micron.
  • RO treatment removes elements that is as tiny as atom.
  • Mineral dosing to balance water nutrients.
  • Post UV to prevent post bacterial growth.
  • Post ozonation preserve water from sunlight & stop all microbiological growth.
  • Post micron filter to remove any fine particles left before packaging & labelling.
The plant & machinery at Jalsutra is designed, manufactured & maintained by Vedansh water solution pvt ltd. This state of art facility allows manufacture of completely automated package drinking water which reduces production error in order to produce optimum product. Vedansh water solutions can be contacted at info@blueswan.co.in or visit them at www.blueswan.co.in