Filling, labelling & Packaging
Our Filling, labelling and packaging section is fully automated and sophisticated that it does not require any human interference from start to finish. It remains "Untouched by humans" Right through the rinsing, filling, capping, labelling & packaging operation.
It starts with Pet bottle being feed from one side of the machine. These bottles are pre-washed within the rinsing & filling machine. From other end Purified water is passed through the filling machine and these washed bottles are filled with the water, further these bottles are capped and moved to the labelling machine.
Labelling machine puts labels and makes product ready for packaging. Labelled bottles move automatically to packaging section on automated rollers. In packaging section bottles are collected in group of 8 and are packed together in a box or plastic wrap. The final product is now ready for dispatch and for consumption. All the above process is performed in a sealed dust free environment to provide the best of drinking water.
The plant & machinery at Jalsutra is designed, manufactured & maintained by Vedansh water solution pvt ltd. This state of art facility allows manufacture of completely automated package drinking water which reduces production error in order to produce optimum product. Vedansh water solutions can be contacted at or visit them at